At My Cottage Café and Restaurant our menu focuses on authentic Lebanese cuisine. This is prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients by our in-house Lebanese chef who has over ten year experience specialising in this type of food. We have a meze menu along with a selection of main meals ranging from vegetarian to fish, seafood and Halal meat. If you’re looking for Lebanese food Finsbury Park, meze Finsbury Park, London vegetarian restaurants or a healthy London restaurant please visit us to experience our authentic Lebanese cuisine. Here’s a taster of what to expect but please see the menu for full information and prices.

my cottage cafe lebanese cuisine menu

Lebanese Cuisine Meze Menu

Our Lebanese meze menu is ideal for sharing. Order a selection of hot and cold meze small plates which are served along with our freshly baked flat bread. We offer the ‘My Cottage Mezza’ which includes our most prominent starters; Falafel, Humous, Cheese Sambousek (filled pastry), Moutabel (spicy aubergine dip), Tabbouleh (parsley, tomato, onion, mint, and crushed wheat salad) and Warak Enab (stuffed vine leaves). You are free to swap with other dishes if you’d prefer. We also serve Sujuk with are mini sausages packed with hot and punchy spices and freshly baked Lebanese pastries filled with cheese or lamb. Halloumi is always a favorite and ours is grilled with the addition of sesame and Nigella seeds. Our selection of flat breads really are fantastic, even if we say so ourselves. Topped with cheese, minced beef, diced meat or tender lamb steak, you’ll just love these!

Lebanese Cuisine Main Dishes

Our mains contain a selection of vegetarian, fish, seafood and meat dishes. We grill our fresh meat and fish because it’s much tastier and healthier that way. Our charcoal grilled mains are all served with our house special Mediterranean onion salad and freshly baked bread. Choose from a selection of lamb shish, spicy kebabs, lamb chops and chicken options. We also serve steak if you’d prefer. Our sea food selection includes grilled salmon, trout and sea bass. Or perhaps you might like the king prawns which come either grilled or fried.

Lebanese Cuisine Salad Selection

Salads are very popular as a side and if you want this a main meal just let us know. Fattoush is a famous Lebanese salad of diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, onions and radish which is served in a bowl lined with romaine lettuce. This is topped with fried Lebanese bread pieces and drizzled with lemon, olive oil and sprinkled with sumac. We also have a feta cheese salad, a tomato and onion salad and a rocket salad garnished with cherry tomatoes, chopped red onions, black olives and finished with freshly squeezed lemon.

To finish your meal, we offer a selection of Middle Eastern sweets served with traditional ice cream. Our drinks menu includes all the usual coffees plus Arabic coffee, a wide selection of teas, soft drinks, home-made mint lemonade, fruit juices, white wine, red wine, beer, spirits, Arak, champagne and cocktails.